The Herrmann AFM Group
Elucidating the mechanisms of action of bioactive natural products by AFM


The IPBP´s AFM-Lab offers a wide variety of microscopic methods to access the morphology of cells, tissues or whole organisms. Apart from classical light microscopic approaches (brightfield, darkground, phase contrast, polarization, fluorescence and differential interference contrast (DIC)), the lab is also equipped with three atomic force microscopes (AFMs), offering state-of-the-art ultrastructural resolution as well as high reliability.

Additionally, several microtomes (e.g. Ultramicrotome Reichert Ultracut E) allow cutting virtually any biological material down to 50 nm slices in order to elucidate the samples´ ultrastructure by AFM and light microscopy. 

AFM-Lab AK Herrmann (Institute of Pharmaceutical Biology and Phytochemistry)

Veeco/Bruker Dimension 3100 AFM

Veeco/Bruker Bioscope AFM

Leitz/Leica Orthoplan microscopes

equipped for brightfield, darkground, phase contrast, polarisation, DIC and fluorescence

Ultramicrotome Reichert Ultracut 

allows ultra-sections down to 50 nm